Wednesday, September 28, 2011

5 Things

Ben and I celebrated our 2-year wedding anniversary last Monday, and I just thought I would make a post about 5 things that I LOVE LOVE LOVE about him. There are absolutely more than 5 things I love about my Ben, but that list could just go on and on forever!

And these are in no particular order...

Ben makes up songs that always make me laugh. He loves to think of silly words to sing along to songs on the radio, or he'll just starting singing random things to me..especially late at night, when he is tucking me into bed. I love this.

Ben does all of the laundry and dishes in our house...well frankly, he does the majority of the housework. Oh yes ladies, you should be jealous. And for anyone who knows my hatred of doing laundry, you should know how much I appreciate this. 

Ben is a nerd. And I love this, because so am I! We honestly have so much fun playing video games together or watching nerdy movies. I have to admit though...I'm pretty sure I annoy him to pieces when we play video games, because I am NOT very good. 

Ben puts up with my ridiculous questions. A frequent response of his in our house after I ask a question is, "How does your mind even work?" And frankly, I don't even know. But he humors me and helps me figure things out. **Most of these questions happen while we are watching Lost**

Ben is one of the most loving people I know! He is so considerate and gets along with basically everyone! I tend to not get along with very many people at all (I give off a mean vibe...) so I love that I get to be around someone who everyone else loves.

I love you Benjamin Douglas! And thanks for agreeing to put up with me for eternity!

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