Friday, May 21, 2010

It was Ben and our friend Forrest's birthdays a couple a weeks ago! I still think it's crazy that they are so alike and there brithdays are right next to eachothers. Anywho. So on Ben's birthday we decided to go to Pirate Island for dinner. The food wasn't all that great, but the atmosphere and decorations are awesome!! It also happened to be karaoke night, which wasn't exactly our favorite part the whole time. These two tween-age girls kept getting up to sing over and over and over again!! But we did get to see a pirate sing and get money stuck down his pants, so it was worth it! :P After dinner, we headed over to the movie theater to wait in line for the midnight show of Iron Man. It was freezing outside, but we didn't really mind! The movie was awesome, but of course, I fell asleep 5 minutes before the end of it. So typical! It was a ton of fun and I think they both had really great birthdays!

Pirate Booty!

Melissa and I REALLY liked this pirate! haha!!

Ben and Forrest must have thought we liked him a little too much!

Fun was had by all!