Monday, November 21, 2011


..I run..Sometimes I hide..sometimes I'm scared of you...but all...oh wait no. This post wasn't supposed to be Britney Spears lyrics. It's almost impossible for me to start off a sentence with sometimes and NOT sing those lyrics.

Sometimes..I just want to say all the weird and often less-than-nice things that pop into my head. Obviously, I'm not going to otherwise no one would like me and everyone would hate me and I would have to go eat worms. But really.. If other people can make ridiculous status updates on facebook about the most personal details of their lives or the out-there idears they have..why can't I just blurt out my humble opinions? Hmm? And by blurt out, I mean comment on their post and add a lot of exclamation points.

I've run into this problem on Pinterest lately where I want to make a pinboard of all the ugly and dumb things I see on Pinterest. But then someone is going to follow that board and think that I like those things unless they look at the board name, which come on, how often do any of us do that. So yeah.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Halloween was just a couple days ago and of course Ben and I joined our friends the Hamms and carved pumpkins and watched scary(mostly silly) movies and had tons of fun! Melissa posted all about our adventures and put pictures up too! Check out their blog here!

Hope everyone had an excellent Halloween!