Saturday, June 29, 2013


We are still alive, never fear!  Kelsie has plans to blog about our May Disneyland trip as soon as we get copies of the pictures from it, and to share about our "Gumball Rally" experience.  Also:  Monkeys.


Sunday, April 14, 2013

Update: January 2013

As per usual, I have started to feel guilty about not posting on here. This time it might have a little something to do with my mom giving me a guilt trip about it. Just kidding Mom!!...sorta, but yeah. I guess I just feel like we don't really do all that much that warrants blog posting, and we don't have any babies to post about which seems like what pretty much everyone else I know blogs about. Sadly, I am not particularly clever or witty so I don't have any funny or interesting thoughts to entertain you with. So what then? Well I guess I'll just update you with some of the things we have been up to the last couple months!


1. Ben and I both work in the youth program in our church, so one Saturday we got to go sledding with both the Young Men and Young Women. It was seriously so much fun! We got to the hill early enough that we had the whole place to ourselves for about an hour and a half. I had bought my first pair of snow pants for the occasion, and let me tell you..they are awesome!! They were overall snow pants, and I felt just like a lumberjack. I fell plenty of times and didn't get wet at all! Of course Ben had a great time, because he really is just a kid at heart and he loves spending time with the youth. Here we are:

Before crashing and burning multiple times!
Going down together..
And racing, because we turn everything into a competition. I won, btw.
Instagram pic!
2. As part of our Young Women's program, we had our New Beginnings in January (i.e. the kickstart to the new year, we introduce the new young women's theme...for those of you non-mormons, or mormon's who just forgot what that was.) Our New Beginnings this year was about accentuating our beauty through modesty. I had seen something on Pinterest (of course) where a woman made homemade fortune cookies and put fortunes in there with quotes about beauty. So I thought, I can bake...I can do this...yay me! Well, this was how they turned out:

 Pretty impressive, right? Haha, that was a serious #pinterestfail. At least the activity still turned out great!

Nothing else major went on in January, other than freezing our butts off because it was one of the coldest and snowiest winters we've had in a long time.

Coming Soon: February!
But for now, I need to go watch Tangled for the thousandth time.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Not too great...

Eek. My blog post once a week resolution is not going great, obviously. But I thought I would get one in now, and then I only missed a week! Neat!

This year (uh...last year) it was our turn to go to California for Christmas. It felt like we hadn't been there in forever, but really it had only been since August 2011, so a year and a half. But that is tooooo long to go without being in beautiful California and also WAY too long to go without Disneyland! Am I right?!

So we headed down on the 20th and we had my brother Taylor and his fiance Rachel with us as well. This was our first time meeting Rachel, so it was really fun having her with us on the drive and throughout the whole Christmas trip.

We were in California for about 10 days. We got to go to Disneyland (which was actually a little disappointing...more on that later) and spend time with family and friends, and watch a whole lot of movies. Ben and I, of course, had an amazing Christmas and couldn't help spoiling each other rotten! Here are a couple pictures of our Christmas time!!!

A lady had just given us fastpasses for Star Tours so we got to bypass a 75 min. wait!!
 This might be a good time to say that our two days at Disneyland were a bit disappointing because it was soooooo cold and SOOOO crowded, especially the 2nd day! Blech, it was awful!

Ok, but check out my highest score EVER on Astro Blasters! I found one of the secret spots!

We tried to get a couple pictures with the whole family because we weren't sure the next time we would all be seeing each other. It was a hilarious endeavor, and none of them came out great, but this is one of the best ones.
It was so nice to be with family and just relax for a week. I'm not sure when we'll be going back to California because of some changes going on with things back home...all good things, but it will certainly make things interesting for our future California trips!

Also, because our Disney days were so frustrating, I'm definitely planning a trip for as soon as possible. As soon as it's a for sure thing, I'll probably be keeping you all updated with the planning progress! Doesn't that sound nice? :)

Oh, and here is a tiny video I took on Christmas morning with a new little video camera Ben got me!

I'm obviously going to be the next Spielberg.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

You say you want a RESOLUTION, well you know, We all want to change the World!

...I know the lyric is revolution, but I thought resolution fit in nicely, and well it is a new year! I know, I know, people make New Years resolutions and then break them within a couple weeks. I'm certainly guilty of that, yet we still feel the need to make more the next year.

So here are my new years resolutions for 2013:

- Lose Weight (Will this one ever leave my list?)

- Clean, Organize, and Create my Craft Room/Office (I'm really excited about this, and it NEEDS to happen badly)

- Blog once a week! (Aren't you all so excited to read more silly posts from me?)

- Take more pictures (To add to this blog, and to help me remember all the fun and crazy things Ben and I do this year)

Wish me luck!