Sunday, September 11, 2011

Reminiscing...Part Deux!

So I thought I would post the rest of the pictures I have from fun summer events! I always get so sad that I forget to take pictures of all the fun things we I was glad I at least got some of the big things we did this summer! Yay! goes:

So Ben and I were lucky enough to buy Disneyland Season passes last year, and we knew they were going to be expiring in the middle of August..Sooo..we got to make one last trip! We went for 2 days at the beginning of August and got to spend one of those days with my sister and a friend of hers, Cheryl!

For some reason, I felt the need to get some pictures that day in places I hadn't gotten pictures before. This is us, in front of Thunder Mountain!
In front of the BACK of Sleeping Beauty's castle!

Scared faces in line for Tower of Terror! LOVE this ride!

I always have a hard time figuring out a fun face for Tower's picture. I hate how cute dizzle looks in this..not fair.  I also like the lady's face on the far left in the middle row. Classic. 

This picture is ridiculous. I wanted to get a picture of me on the new Little Mermaid ride, but it didn't work out like I thought it would. By the way, I LOVED the ride!

Our scores on Toy Story Mania! Ben (the blue side) had the highest score of the hour! 
A couple weeks later, we celebrated my birthday with The Hammerens at one of our favorite restaurants, Tucanos. Afterwards we went to the best toy store EVER...Blickenstaffs!! Seriously, if you haven't gone absolutely need to!

The cake that Ben made for me!

We love Tucanos!

And we LOVE The Hammerens! Adorbs!

Playing dress-up! Seriously, the coolest toy store!


I need this shopping cart. I need it. 
And then that weekend, we went camping! Apparently, I like camping! I don't think I would like to do it for more than a day or two, but I really had fun and we all considered the trip a success. We went with The Hammerens and The Breitenbekers! 

The Breitenbekers! 

Us! Our tent looks so tiny, but it fit us and our air mattresses (a camping-must for me. I know, I'm a wussy)

The Hammerens!

Just hanging out!

The Men around the fire!

Eating pancakes I made in the morning! It was a dream of mine to cook pancakes over a fire when camping..and I did it! And they were..ok. I would definitely make some changes, but at least I did it!
Well, and then the very next week school started..and well, all we have been doing since then is work and school and watching football! Oh, and playing games with friends as much as possible! Here's hoping we have time for a ton of Fall activities!

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  1. EEE! I love it! I love all the pictures :) haha, so in the tower of terror line picture it looks like ben is wearing a glowing crown :) All hail king Benjamin!