Sunday, October 7, 2012

Part Six: Disney World Trip Report

Okay, so our last day was kind of all mixed up because we had a lot of places we wanted to go. And there are not a ton of pictures to show for it. But here goes:

We started our day at Animal Kingdom, and this was one place I had not researched a we had a hard time getting going. We headed over to Kilimanjaro Safaris because I knew that that was the e-ticket ride that everyone else was going to be doing first thing.

This was so fun, and we really got to get up close to all of the animals. I took a bunch of pictures, but it's one of those things like, you've seen all of these animals before so why put all the pictures on here. But I will put the pictures I like the most.
Giraffes! They actually got even closer right after this!
Baby Elephant!!!!!!!! And look at the Mommy smiling, ADORABLE!
After the safari we went over to some other animal areas because it was supposed to have monkeys, but we barely saw any which was a little sad.

After that we headed over to Kali River Rapids because it was pretty hot out. Sadly, this was one of those water rides where you don't actually get very wet from the rapids, you get it from a giant geyser of water...which I think is way less fun. Nonetheless, we did get pretty soaked from the geyser!

His clothes are completely drenched if you can't tell.
Now that we were soaked, we went over to Expedition Everest which is the other big ride that everyone goes to at Animal Kingdom. It was so fun, and reminded me a lot of Matterhorn, but more roller-coaster-y.

Once we were done there, we didn't have too much else we wanted to see, and did have a lot of other places to go that day so we headed out of the it was nasty hot outside and we were over that.

The rest of our day was filled with shopping! We had been on the hunt for a Chip and Dale shirt that Ben loved, but we could not find it in his size. We headed over to Hollywood Studios where we had seen it, but no luck. While we were at Hollywood Studios we rode Star Wars a couple more times, and then it REALLY started raining. I mean, I have never seen so much rain in my life! We ran out of the park and headed back to our hotel to wait out the storm.
This is a heinous picture of both of us. But it captures how we were feeling after running in the downpour.
Okay, so this was a tiny little baby frog that was outside our door when we got back to our hotel during the storm. He was no bigger than my thumbnail. So cute I had to take a picture and share it with you!
Once the rain had stopped, we finished up our day with some shopping at Downtown Disney! We were so tired, and we had to be up for our flight in the morning, so we went back to the hotel, packed, and got ready to go home. :(

Part Seven will have a tiny bit about the trip, but will mostly be our impressions, likes, and dislikes!

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