Sunday, October 7, 2012

Part Five: Disney World Trip Report

This was our 4th full day at the Walt Disney World Resort, and we were planned to spend the day at Epcot. Sadly, Ben woke up feeling even more sick so we spent the first half of the day hanging out in our hotel room. He felt awful, but ended up being a trooper and we headed out for Epcot in the afternoon.

We went in and mosied around a bit. Epcot seems really cool, but we were really out of it so we weren't really focused on what we were seeing. We rode the Nemo and Friends ride, and the Living with the Land. Living with the Land is pretty cool cause it shows all of the agriculture advances they are trying at WDW.

After that we ate lunch, and then rode Journey into Imagination with Figment. It was ridiculous, but we loved it! And we ended up having the song stuck in our heads ALL DAY! Which we didn't mind at all!

"Imagination. Imagination. A dream can be a dream come true, with  just that spark from me and you!!"
As we headed over to World Showcase, which is really why people go to Epcot, it started raining! So we had spent half our day in the hotel, and now when we were finally out it starts raining. :(

I like to be a creeper when getting pictures of my favorite characters! haha..
The CUTEST little old couple offered to take our picture. And then I decided I can't wait to go to Disney when Ben and I are cute and old.
We kept trudging through and tried to see as much as we could. Pretty much everyone else was huddled into all of the shops, so this might checking everything out pretty difficult. We ate some delicious treats - a sugar crepe (In France) and a cannoli (In Italy). We rode some weird rides in some of the land areas..the weirdest being in Norway! At the end you ride through an area that just had a bunch of oil rigs..oh, and their was something about trolls their too.
It started to rain harder and harder, but we didn't want to crap out too early. We ran from land to land, and then we ended up back at the front of the park. We rode Spaceship Earth INSIDE of the golf ball, and then decided to head back.

Can you tell how drenched I am?
 Although it wasn't the PERFECT Epcot day, we still had a ton of fun and were not disappointed as we headed back to our hotel.

Alright...Part Six is on it's way.

OH OH OH...AND I just remembered that on Sunday after Harry Potter, we went and watched Fantasmic at Hollywood Studios. I love Fanstasmic at Disneyland, so I was really excited. But I'm sorry, it was seriously awful! I hated almost every second of it. Partly because of the 25 min. show, about 15 minutes of that was devoted to Pocahontas! Seriously...POCAHONTAS!?!? No one likes that movie. wonder I forgot to write about it in the last post, I think I've been trying to block it from my mind.

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