Sunday, November 21, 2010

We had a craving for some carving!

PUMPKIN CARVING! So, last year Ben and I did not carve pumpkins for some reason, so I had to make absolutely sure that we would this year. So we went to the pumpking patch with Forrest and Melissa and picked out the very best pumpkins. And I mean, the very best. Just like Christmas trees, I am SUPER picky about pumpkins! This have to be the perfect shape and color, and have a good stem. It was super fun picking them all out! But it was pretty cold..

Forrest made friends with a goat.

And his pumpkin...
And then the carving went down! We all decided to be fancy and use pumpkin templates..which yes, did give us some pretty cool looking pumpkins. But man did it take long! I'll let you guess which pumpkin we didn't use a template on.

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