Sunday, February 20, 2011

All these things that I've done!

So I thought I would put a list on here of all the new recipes I have tried. One - So that I would remember all the things I've tried so that I can make them in the future. and Two - So that if any of you avid readers are curious. I will also tell you how good/not good they turned out. Ok, let's see how good my memory is...

- Sweet and Sour Chicken: Good, but too much sour not enough sweet. Ben liked it more than I did.
- Lemon Parmesan Pasta (I added Shrimp): I really really liked this, but Ben said he thought it was too lemony! He says "really really lemony - all I could taste was lemon." I think he is just being weird.
- Chocolate Crepes with Banana Filling: SOO delicious, BUT the crepe turns too hard to really wrap the banana filling in. But holy cow that banana filling was SOOO good.
- Baked Mac'n'Cheese: Haha - I accidentally burnt the rue, so this turned out nasty. But I am on the hunt for the perfect baked mac'n'cheese recipe and I am trying out a new one this Tuesday. I'll let you know how it goes
- White Chicken Chili: I love this soup! Oh it is so good. I also heated some up the other night and put it in a tortilla and it was super delish!
- Salsa Chicken: Ben loves this and wishes I made it like every night. And so simple!
- Skillet Lasagna: Turned out good, but honestly, I'd rather just have regular lasagna. And I didn't season this one well enough.
- Homemade Pizza: I had technically made this before, but I wanted to add it on here cause it's just so darn good!
- Teriyaki Beef: Really tasty! That's all I have to say about that.
- Chicken Manicotti: This recipe was really good, but a little time intensive.
- Carillon Bell Tower Twists - LOVE THESE. LOVE LOVE LOVE THESE!
- Parmesan Rolls - ALSO LOVE THESE!!!
- Bacon Cheddar Potato Wedges - I made these for super bowl sunday and they were devoured in minutes!

There are a couple new ones I've tried that I just can't remember right now. Throughout the weeks I also added some of our favorite recipes that we use all the time. Things like PoppySeed Chicken, Julianne's Chicken Enchiladas, Chocolate Chip Waffles, and Rice and Whatever!

I'm really enjoying trying out all these new recipes and I've planned out all my meals for the coming two weeks and we are doing our shopping tomorrow! I'll let you know how they all go....if you want.


  1. This made me hungry! (Oh, and it's roux. Rue is an herb.)

  2. I just today got the title. Killers song, right?