Thursday, June 17, 2010

California...California.. Here we Coooooommmmeee!!!

So this past weekend we finally made a trip out to Redlands! We hadn't been since the wedding, and I was missing my family, the weather, the palm trees, Andy and just about EVERYTHING in Redlands!
We went out for Andy's farewell and then just to spend time with the familia. We mostly hung out and ate and that's about it! We got to go down to Orange County to go see my grandparents, which was super nice because Ben had only met them once and that was at our wedding reception.
Andy's farewell talk was wonderful and her primary class sung "I hope they call me on a mission," and pretty much all of us cried! We didn't get to spend as much with Andy as we had hoped, but at least we got to see her for a little bit before she left for 18 months!
Anywho, it was a really short trip and we were so lame we didn't take any pictures! But we are planning another trip out to California in August for my birthday! It's going to be a Disneyland Extravaganza! And I promise there will be a TON of pictures to put on from that trip!

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